Kate Walsh Cadillac Commercial

I just saw a Cadillac commercial with Kate Walsh from “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice”. Or at least I think it was. It’s shot so quick and from so many angles that you can’t really see her face until the end and then it’s just for a second. I think she is a good person for endorsing Cadillac cars because they need a youthful (but not too young) and professional face for their ads. Kate is very well known now and admired both for her acting and her ability to stay really thin and beautiful. This is also good for her. I heard her speak about being in the business at a small Piven Acting School event where she is an Alum. (she was very laid back and cool at that event, still looking pretty showing up in yoga clothes and no makeup. She was also enthusiastic about joining in activities with the students after the chat while Jeremy Piven ran off to to some hollywood stuff)  She talked about years of just barely getting by on waiting tables and living a very meager life in order to learn her craft and work on quality theater gaining great experience. She doesn’t advise people to go into acting unless they love it so much they couldn’t possibly do anything else with their life because it’s a difficult road that lacks any form of monetary stability for a long time until you have gotten established. (like decades) The tables have turned now and she not only has gotten married, bought a huge vintage house and been a star in 2 ABC TV Series, she is the face of Cadillac. Way to go Kate!


4 thoughts on “Kate Walsh Cadillac Commercial

  1. I had not noticed that it was her was actually her in the commercial. Not watching the t.v., I identified her by her voice alone and googled to see if i was correct. I was. 🙂

  2. Kate Walsh is by far the hottest, female I,ve seen in years. and her voice in the commercial WOW cadillac can not be paying her enough. This is a REAL lady.

  3. Hey hey hey .
    My names Cadillac Emmiba Sanches and i had always hated my name (Cadillac) so i had always gone by Emmiba or Emmie for short . And when i tell people my real name is Cadillac, no one ever believes me . so honestly i have always HATED like i mean HATED Cadillac cars and any of those sick punk people that support anything Cadillac such as tattoos,buying cars, or supportability of the logo ! so i was just wondering can you please stop making Cadillac cars already ! 😡 it’s an embarrassment to the name and there shitty and ugly cars at that!

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