How much do commerial spots really cost?

So you are annoyed that there is a commercial pod every 10 minutes during Grey’s Anatomy and after you have used the break to go to the bathroom and get snacks you are stuck watching all these commercials instead of your beloved show. Do you care about what is being advertised? Do the products actually match your taste? They should, because someone has done a lot of research about getting to you specifically because you match a certain demographic for the show and their product.

TV advertising, especially on the Big 3 networks has taken a hit in recent years, first because of declines in viewership due to Cable programming and now because the internet, DVDs and Tivo have changed how and when we watch TV if ever.

So it is interesting that I just saw a lit of the most expensive TV shows to buy a :30 second commercial spot on right now. Did you know that the company that is annoying you during Grey’s Anatomy paid $419,000.00 for those :30 seconds to do so? Isn’t the least we could do; to just listen? Or is it better to flip the channel and speed forward the DVR?

I am at a tossup most times. I understand why companies need this media to reach people. It is hard to get people to notice your product in a bevy of consumer choices available now and this is one of the most convienient places to do it. How else would you know about something new? If you spend all your time looking at things you know you already like, you will never be able to find new movies, new products, new food and new programming. If you ever want to find something new this is the way to get informed. I think people are smart enough to filter the ads (however annoying they are) and only take in what they want. But networks can’t abuse this privledge of a business model because people do have the right to either change the channel or turn the TV off compltley. I don’t care about men’s grooming products, and if you show them to me too much I will turn off the TV.


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