New Mobile Marketing Company

mobileThere isn’t a day that goes by without my getting at least 1 email newsletter about mobile marketingand how it’s the next big medium in reaching consumers through their cell phone. SMS marketing is new, and you may not have gotten any messages this way yet, but it is growing quickly. The benefit of this method of reaching people is very individual and can be very timely. It’s all about the detail that they allow you to target the consumer through this technology and how relevant it is to someone on a cell phone. Can you take action from there? How do they actually convert?

One channel that this has been successful already has been in the sports marketing arena. (no pun intended) People there are pretty open to receiving updates and messages that are sports related. This is what has prompted the partnership of a sports marketing company Ultimate Pros with Go Live Mobile to create a new SMS Messaging ad product. Their first venture is with Ultimate Fighter Rich Franklin’s mobile storefront. This makes custom information, ring tones and updates available to fans anywhere they go on their mobile phone. Sounds like a cool new innovation to me!


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