OMG! Puppy Cuteness!

puppyA lot of my friends have dogs, and one just got a new Boston Terrier puppy and named him Gilbert. She is just thrilled with Gilbert and thinks he is the best dog in the world. She got him from a local breeder and all the puppes there were unbelievably cute. In her quest to show the world how cute Gilbert is, and how photogenic he is, she has posted a lot of pictures on the internet on photo sharing sites. One she likes for seeing other puppy pictures is All the photos there are organized by breed and are really cute. If you have an adorable puppy you should share your photo there too and meet other dog owners online. In the midwest we do love our pets and I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have a dog or a cat at home. We should share that online and meet other people who have similar interests. That is what the internet is all about.


One thought on “OMG! Puppy Cuteness!

  1. I have a tiny chi she is such a sweat dog. She is my first dog ever! If we humans understood in the moment like dog live there lifes we would be much happer .

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