Google 411 info number (1-800-GOOG)

google 411This is new from Google yesterday. Apparently they are getting into the 411 info business. More evidence that they do want to cover all of the communications and advertising world. It is free to consumers and supported by businesses. It is also funny that this billboard was found right above an billboard in California. When you buy outdoor advertising you don’t get to see the loactions exactly that you purchase. You purchase by metro or zip code not by individual board. So, it would have been impossible for them to know what was going to run on the other board on that wall. Likewise for But the effect is that Ask is trying to prove it’s search worth and Google is so past that on to the next millionth thing that they have mastered. It shows pretty obvious dominance and superiority for Google and is not very convincing for ASK. Good luck to in surviving another 2 years.


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