Green Energy Policy to Stop Climate Change

global warmingI am not sure how many people still believe that climate change and global warming is not going to happen, but it has to be dwindling. People every day see the effects of smog, pollution, extreme weather, melting glaciers and ice caps and rising temperatures. I just wish we could get on to the next stage after recognizing it is here, and start making changes already! Time is running out and it is hard to justify the oil we burn and the energy we consume just because it is affordable right now. The big businesses that give us that energy would like us to think we can afford it, but really it is about a lot more than just money. It is about the earth and the survival of this planet. One thing you and everyone should do is to inform yourself about climate change and it’s causes. then stay informed of what your congressman and representatives are doing about it when they vote on bills that are related to energy policy. One place you can find videos of these speeches in the house and senate is They list as many as they can and they are free to everyone to view. I think that the one on solar power is particularly informative. Check them out and follow up with your local government officials and tell them how you want them to vote!


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