New Assistant Service 212-660-9960

 ask sundayI just heard about this cool new personal assistant service that is available by phone. It is called Sunday. The ask sundayweb site is and the number is 212-660-9960. You can join for free, but in order to get the personal request service it is $29.00 per month. That is a lot less than hiring a secretary, but I don’t think they will process your expense reports either.

They are great for certain things. Like flight status, and kind of a travel agent, driving or walking directions, booking zipcars and other transit methods, find and purchase tickets to rare events, book doctor’s appointments, follow up on billing disputes for credit cards or businesses, wake up calls, setting golf tee times, finding locksmiths, maids and drivers in whatever location you are in, making dinner reservations, ordering food to be sent and ordering anything you want from online or catalogs.

So it is within a certain range of tasks, but isn’t that nice? I think for someone who travels a lot and is really busy, this would be a great help.


5 thoughts on “New Assistant Service 212-660-9960

  1. I am interested in finding a local buyer (northern New Jersey) for a television amoire without going on e-bay or some other website for buying and selling.

    Also, I have a wheelchair in perfect condition that I would like to donate to a person in need.

    Is this a task that you can do?

  2. I tried these guys. They suck. Several of the blog entries and recommendations seem like their employees are posting the favorable reviews. There is not way these guys are even remotely capable.

  3. What Rahul says is true. I used to work at Sunday and have witnessed all their unethical ways in which they do business (including baiting customers via fake blog posts). These guys don’t know the first thing about running a business and don’t care who they screw over in the process.

    You can read my personal story with them here:

  4. The service has slipped greatly since I first used it in 2008.

    Now I am often waiting well over a week even for tasks marked urgent, and then half the time the task is botched.

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