Chicago Marathon Halted Due to Warm Hot Weather

This is odd. Yes it is hot today in Chicago, but I never have seen the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon get canceled or stopped due to weather concerns. I guess they figure that no one was anticipating this kind of hot humid weather when they trained for it over the past 6 months. Currently my thermometer shows 86 degrees farenheight, but it was supposed to get up to 90 degrees today too. They did get a winner and finisher in the marathon before it was halted at the 3 hour mark half way through. Kenyan Patrick Ivuti won the marathon by one 500th of a second with the last final stretch being neck and neck sprint the whole way. There were 36,000 runners participating in the Chicago Marathon today and I am sure none of them were thrilled with the hot humid weather that we got during the race.  One runner was reported to have died, a man who was 35 and from Michigan.  It is unseasonably warm for this time of year. I have not had an October I can remember where I have had to run my air conditioning like this before. I am not sure if it is global warming? or something else happening, but it is really hot.


2 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Halted Due to Warm Hot Weather

  1. Sounds like they halted it because the organizers were having trouble getting water and Gatorade to the runners. Lots of people were treated on scene, quite a few were taken to local hospitals. They allowed most of the racers to finish, but urged them to walk.

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