Disturbing Trend

I have noticed this trend with cell phones for a few months now. People who have their phone on speaker and are listening to music in a public place or s conversation that seems like they aren’t participating at all in, just listening. It’s weird. First off they usually do this in some public place like the train or a shopping checkout line where people can’t get away from you to avoid this annoyance. And it is annoying. The second weird thing is that the sound qualit is awful, scratchy, choppy, distorted and they are still listening to these song clips over and over again. Are these the ring tones? Do these people know that’s not what ring tones are for? The worst part about this is that these people seem to be oblivious that they are seriously pissing off everyone around them and that it is wrong to do anything like that in a public place that causes that much noise pollution. I thought we were past this kind of a trend when boom boxes went out of style and people started carrying walkmans. When and how can we evolve to the next thing so these people who blast things from their cell phones for their own entertainment will stop?


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