TopGear is Back! Season 10 starts of with a bang

I was probably not the only american poised at my computer eagerly waiting for my friends on the other side of the pond to send me the first show of the new TopGear season this afternoon. It aired in the UK at 8pm their time and about an hour after the show ended I got to see it too. Thanks to the friends that make this possible!! And technology of course. I am sure the people who create the show are a bit pissed that I have friends that send it to me, but they just don’t understand our enthusiasm for the show in the US and no amount of money paid for access to it will bring it here at the same time as the UK.

What they don’t know is that we are such fanatical fans that we want to film our own version of TG but we don’t personally have the money for fancy cameras and editing equipment. We think that would be the best job in the WORLD. I think you have to also know that this show has already put me into a tizzy finding a region free dvd player to watch the dvds that were released and it has become a big social event here with sharing the shows. I drive it over to someone’s house and we all text eachother to get over to watch TopGear together like we did tonight. Then the DVD goes to work and to a friend that is part of a car club here and they watch it next. It’s just too good not to share. I have personally probably introduced like 25 people to the shows that are now loyal fans. And the BBC thinks that Americans don’t like the show?? We love it, and agree with being made fun of when they do that.

Anyway all logistics aside, the 1st episode of the 10th season tonight was good, although we got to see more of James May than many of us had ever thought we would, considering his fear of being shown running on TV a few years ago. The cars are great, and so is the excursion but we got the biggest laugh of the night when they pointed out that James had fallen comfortably into the new furniture like it was his own. We also think James and Richard seriously both need a haircut. But then again, maybe that’s why they both got the uglier chairs to sit in. They also need a new digital cool wall to replace the old charred one. I also suggest some Buick seats to replace the ones lost in the fire. Buicks have the most comfortable seats ever. Don’t they sell Buicks in the UK or Europe? Ok, I guess not, let me know if you guys want some though, and I’ll have some sent. Until next week, we will be driving with the sport option turned on. Happy Motoring.


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