CTA Green Line Problems Again

I recently wrote about the problems I experienced on the Green line of the CTA elevated trains. I had thought with the temporary funding increase from next year’s budget that they would be able to fix some cars and trains and minimize the delays we had all been experiencing, but I guess they are holding us ransom for our time and money again because last night’s commute home was atrocious. First there was no Green line train for 20 minutes at the platform. It was probably more like an hour, but I only waited 20 minutes. Then when it did show up it wasn’t even a green line train. It was a brown line train with a sign hanging on it saying green line and the changeable signs in the windows saying express. It was already full when we got on, so the stops to come would be interesting.

Then when we got to Clark and lake the chatter of the outspoken African American men on the train announcing things to whoever is in earshot began complaining and heckling about the crowdedness. Then at Clinton the conductor announced that the train would be going express to Austin. Which is white people territory. If you think Chicago isn’t divided, it still very much is. Which the African American riders immediately noticed and started grumbling about how unfair it was. They got off at Clinton and were assured that another green line followed. That is almost always a lie to keep people from overloading trains.

So, we went straight through to Austin and the Oak Park stops and there wasn’t much more problem but it did take over an hour to get home. And it always also begs the question of why are there never any green line trains and why are they always broken? Don’t they ever fix the green line ones? Why can’t they change the signs to say green line correctly on a brown line train? Don’t they care about all the people who live between Clinton and Austin? Or do they just not spend the money there because poor people don’t complain much? It isn’t fair to them, and the CTA should fix this so the service on the green line matches that of the Brown line and all the other lines.


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