Google Video Ads

I got an email this morning about the new Google Video Ads. I am not sure exactly how they work yet but they do say they you earn revenue for playing them on your site. I wonder if that means they auto play when someone loads the page or if someone has to click on them? I am curious about this because Google continues to innovate advertising in new ways and come up with groundbreaking ideas. Will this be as big as adsense and adwords? Will the content that is shown be shows and TV clips we would actually watch? or will it be ads? How will it be matched to your content on your page? I will see what I can find out but right now it’s all questions for me.

Update: I found out some things about these new ads from the Google blog. They are already enabled if you allow image ads to rotate with your text ads ina ll your ad slots. They also don’t activate unless they are clicked, so I am not sure how people would know its video content and not a video ad, so it may not be any better than a banner or text ad as far as CTR goes.


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