Sports Trivia Game

sportsIn every bar there is a Golden Tee Game and most likely some sports trivia game. The nation has always loved its sports and many people find watching sports is their main form of recreation as they get older. So if you got to come up with your own trivia questions for your own game wouldn’t that be cool? Or how about challenging your friends? They always think they know more than you don’t they? Well a new sports trivia site has created a user generated game where you submit questions along with all the other people on the site and everyone plays against each other and their friends. If you are a sports nut, this site is going to be highly addictive for you. You can also upload your own audio and video and clips from games to help with the questions and the discussion. I have never really followed sports, but all the guys in the office I work at will be thrilled to find out about this. They will need something to bond over when the fantasy baseball and fantasy football seasons aren’t in session later this year. Who knew that sports could be a hobby online as much as it is offline these days?


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