Advertising makes you less sensitive to price changes

Ah, so now they find this out? A new study says that a lot of advertising bombardment of customers makes them less likely to be sensitive to price changes.  I wondered why I could go buy the same things at the grocery store month after month and the cost seems to always be a little bit more. They must know to blast the TV and Internet with ads and a flashy new campaign saying why to prefer their brand and then hike up the price 15%. Well I guess it is predictable though. If you build value in a brand people are more likley to prefer it regardless of price. Hello luxury brands. So raising the price when it is prefered and top of mind does logically make sense. So we, as consumers have to be more careful of buying things because of ads and careful about price comparison when we are in the shopping isle at the grocery store. Is it really a better deal? Better whip out the calculator and find out.


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