Virtual Worlds Collide – War between Second Life and WoW?

Ok it was a little beyond my reach that people would set up so much of a life in the virtual worlds of either World of Warcraft (of which I found out has dragons in the new Toyota Tundra commerical) and Second Life.  I am about at the level of sims version 1998 myself so I can’t get that into these places and wonder how these young people do. Do they not work? Do they not enjoy television or movies anymore? Ok, all generational differences aside I did hear that they are going to look at inter world operability somehow and that this could cause attacks on second life by the WoW dragons? I am still trying to get my head around what you do in these alternate reality worlds and now they could potentially start wars between eachother? This not only will be unknown to most people who are offline, it will cause ripples through the bandwith availability and economies of the real world. Boy how crazy is that virtual worlds would effect the real economy since people do spend real money for access to new stuff in those worlds?


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