95% DVR Households Watch Live TV

This wasn an interesting statistic both for the advertisers that DVR households still watch 95% of their TV live and interesting because these people have invested 2-400.00 in a new piece of technology that they only use 5% of the time. It hardly seems justifiable then. I am not sure I would buy one now, knowing how little use it would get.  Check out the full report here.


2 thoughts on “95% DVR Households Watch Live TV

  1. Well, count me and my friends in that 5%. Late hours at work prevent us from viewing programs during their allocated times. In fact, I usually wait about an hour into a live sporting event to skip the commercials (and sometimes the lame commentary — when did sports commentators get so bad!?). And then, there’s the Xbox 360 to pass the time…

    Even if you’re watching programs live, the best features of a DVR are the abilities to pause and rewind.

  2. We are another one of those 5%. In fact, i dont think we ever really watch live tv anymore. Beforehand i go through the guide and record what we’d like to watch a few days in advance. I guess we just cant stand commercials. Plus video on demand, and then xbox live with netflix, we dont have to see commercials ever again!

    We also do what the person above does, wait a half hour on something we want to watch thats live so that we can skip commercials or parts we dont want to see.

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