Al Gore gets Nobel Peace Prize with the UN

How cool is that? Al Gore has gone on to create quite the legacy for himself despite loosing the presidential elections in 2000. I think he has become more human and approchable than people ever thought he could be. I think his work with publicising the impending global warming problem has been one of the most important things a public political figure has done in the past 25 years. This issue is more important than abortion, gay marriage, prayer in schools or gun control. Why? Because if we don’t have a habitable planet none of those social issues will have a place to exist because we will all be dead. Seriously. This is probably the one thing politicians and businesses each ignore all the time and it impacts our future the most. I hope that the recommendations of Al Gore and the Inconvienient Truth get implemented soon by more people. We need more solar panels and less garbage. We need more electric crars and less big polluting trucks. We need more research in alternative energy sources and less exploring for oil. It’s a difficult pattern to change but it is critical to do this as soon as possible.  And congratulations ro Al Gore!


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