What to eat? Cheap Food & Eating on a Budget

I was recently looking for budgeting blogs to tune in to and read about how other people save money and I ran across the Trying to Follow blog, (which is a religious based blog, although I am  not religious in any way) which had a post about living on a budget. I give credit to those people who do live on a budget because I have always found it to be difficult. Especially living in Chicagoland and working downtown, the costs of transportation, food and rent are a lot higher than I would like. Anyway, this blog had a budget of $1,000.00 per month for living expenses. That isn’t much. It broke down as:

Rent: $500

Car: $100

Food: $100

Miscelaneous: $100

Entertainment/Fun money: $100

Emergency: $100

I pay more than double in all those categories! This led me on a search for blogs that are about eating cheaply (and healty if possible) and how to cook cheaply at home. And suprisingly while there were a lot of suggestions there were very few sites that had any usable information for me. I only found 3 reasonable recipies on the Cheap Eats blog in 3 years worth of posts. I also got a suggestion of SlashFood which was useless because is a blog mostly about making expensive gourmet cuisine and just had one post abou very vauge ideas about how to maybe save money on food. I am beginning to think that the people who do know how to live affordably aren’t really interested in sharing how they do it. And I guess they don’t have to really. A lot of what is on these 2 food blogs is also really fed by advertisers. About 1/2 of the posts on Cheap Eats were reviews of free food he was given by manufacturers. And the cost per meal for those foods was $5-$7 bucks. That’s not going to get you through the month on $100.00 or less. Ok, so it may not be possible to live on the budget listed above in Chicago, but I still think it is good to look into and find out more about. Since these blogs havan’t really helped, do you have any suggestions on how to cut money from your budget? Cheap recipes? On food or any other area?


3 thoughts on “What to eat? Cheap Food & Eating on a Budget

  1. Okay. Here are some tips for saving money on food. Google angelfoodministries and see where they have groups in your area where you can purchase food.

    You will need to go in person and place your order. You know what the food will be by checking the web site. You get almost 60 bucks of food for 30 bucks. You can also order any of the 20 buck food bundles they offer as long as you get the regular 30 buck box of food.

    Because all orders are prepaid, they get the best prices buying the food in volume then distributing it to the local organizations that then distribute it to you. Some places you will need to bring your own box and some places have the food already boxed up.

    With money being tight and gas prices sky high, this is one way to save money on food that is of very good quality.

    Shop at Aldi for other food. Way cheaper than regular supermarkets and all food sold there has a 100% moneyback guarantee.

  2. Stop eating meat. In most chicken dishes you can substitute tofu, by the way.

    I buy only store brands and I buy ONLY when they are on sale. That means I stock up by buying 3 of whatever is on sale.

    I buy frozen vegetables instead of canned or fresh. My doctor said that the veg is frozen very near where it’s picked, so it has more vitamins than the other ways of buying it.

    My food bill continues to be high though. I’m not sure there is any answer.

  3. Try eating lentils they cost about £1.20 for a bag that will feed you for a few days, cook them with some chilli onion and spices, mince is another cheap way to eat, a few onions and a tin of tomatos, added to it, the more veg the better cause it costs less that the meat.

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