Family Fun

I was at a family function today and it was fin to see everyone there and catch up a bit. It is always interesting to see what people have been up to although I am not the best person at being social. I admit I am more like my dad in that I am quieter and don’t like to get into heated discussions, which sometimes happen at these functions. But even my dad is better at socializing now than I am. I just really wonder how much I have in common with these people? They’re nice and we’re related, but I wonder how many know what I do for a living? And how many would really be around if not the connection through my parents? Maybe some, I don’t know. Families aren’t nearly as close as they used to be in past generations and I can see why. We’re all busy working and we have a ton of things we have to do. And most of us don’t live anywhere near one another. I wonder what creates a bond between people now? I have been told through research that the most important determining factor in who your friends are and who you marry is proximity. So, without proximity can family stay close? We don’t have family businesses or professions in common anymore, and the lifestyles we lead is more and more diverse. In fact I don’t think many people I am related to share many of my views or would really want to know that I differ from them on a lot of them. But then again maybe that’s why I don’t speak up at these functions…


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