Google Yahoo Search Fight

yahoo googleWell not a fight really, except for marketshare. Google has been the etch leader and Yahoo has been the display ad, apps and news leader. Both combined have about 90% of the search market and are major portals for how people start their day, their search for information and communicate throughout their work and lives. A huge responsibility right? Well 2 bits of news today about them:

1. Google Zeitgeist is on again. Oh to be young, rich and popular…and invited to Zeitgeist. That is what most young web entrepreneurs strive to be. Only the top earners from ad sense get invited and the top spenders as well. It’s a play date for the most gifted media kids, and will look a lot like the media future of this country. Zeitgeist has turned into the TED conference for CEOs and everyone loves being part of the exclusive club. Anyway no one is really allowed to talk about what is said there so we will all just have to speculate and make things up. What I dislike most is that they took the real Zeitgeist trends down off the site and gave us trends instead. Yes trends is more useful, but nothing can replace the fascination we used to have with the old graphical interface for the Zeitgeist timeline.

2. Yahoo has also gained some ground in the text ad market game and now has 20% (up from 18%). This is good news because this should be another cash cow for Yahoo if Panama works correctly. I still hear a lot of people are frustrated with it and that its not as good as google, but the conversion rates and cost per conversion are always better on Yahoo than Google. Where Google continues to dominate is volume though. If you need a lot of people you have to work with google. They still own most of the internet as far as an affiliate ad network and search are concerned. People are also seeing a new seasonal trend with Google that dips in the summer when people are away from work. People use Yahoo at home or at other locations and for email so maybe the workplace still drives Google use and the trend is related to that?

Anyway, it’s good not to have a full monopoly and I look forward to seeing what happens between these two in the future.


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