The New Radiohead Album

I am listening to the new Radiohead album courtesy of a friend who downloaded it for free ala the new pay as you see fit system and apparently share as you see fit system. It is interesting that they have used the record companies to market them to the point where they are household names and have an awareness level that is really high.  (thanks guys!) And now have struck out on their own because record companies keep way too much of the profits for themselves when the artists sell well. (despite their flawed distribution system)

My friend who downloaded this didn’t think it was too great, he said it sounds exactly like every other Radiohead album and is kinda not evolving anymore. I am not a person who keeps up with music much so I don’t have any past history with listening to Radiohead and I feel like it has Toyota commercial written all over it. Maybe it’s because it’s somewhat repetitive of past albums and I may have heard the sound on the TV or something, but I feel a lot of Bono in the songs and a lot of Honda and Toyota commercials. It’s that we want to be hip sound of a Yuppie aging and doing something safe.

Maybe that is how they will make their money on this album? Through corporate sponsors getting rights to use their music in ads. Maybe they should just write for ad agencies. I don’t know. I just would b curious if they would list the average sale amount from the album on their site. I am curious if it is higher than 0.99? It has nothing to do with quality of the music, it’s that people can’t afford everything and want everything at the same time so they want everything as cheap as possible these days. There is just too much out there to consume.


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