Video Gaming Starts at age 6?

According to this article I read today gaming starts with kids at age 6. That’s first grade. That is unbelievable that they are already so into it by then and will be playing games from then on. I suppose playing games is easier than learning to read, so why would they read books and do homework? EEP. I am not sure how to balance the things like internet, gaming and new technology with old technology that teaches necessity skills like reading a book or writing stories on notebook paper. How will they still learn in school with old technology requirements when they clearly will only want to spend time with new technology? Will we have a generation that has worse handwriting than mine? And they thought all the kids who grew up in the 80’s were going to be screwed up! Just wait 20 years.


One thought on “Video Gaming Starts at age 6?

  1. Actually, I was born in the 80s. I had Nintendo at the age of 5 which was then upgraded to a Sega Genesis at the age of 8. I have had internet since the age of 9. My handwriting is perfectly fine as is my aptitude to science and the arts. I think you may be underestimating the power of what technology can really do. It could make these youngsters a more creative and analytical one due to their advanced environment. Hell… perhaps in 20 years they will talk only in binary code.

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