What we eat and How we eat

I have been thinking more and more about what I eat and how I eat latley because my health hasn’t been great in the past year and I wonder how much my diet contributes to that. I also realized not being able to cook really puts me in an awkward place only eating pre made or pre packaged foods. And that could be a problem. My body then has to process out all the chemicals and preservaitives used to keep the food from spoiling, give it betetr flavor and color as well as add texture and smell. All those things that make their product yummy may not be good for our health and our bodies have to work harder at removing all of it before it gets to be a problem.

The things I live on are lean cuisine microwave meals, canned soups, dried fruit, fresh fruit when I can get it, sandwiches, eggs, english muffins, nuts, yogurt, granola bars, cereal, diet soda, cranberry juice, diet ice tea and whatever takeout is local. At work it could be chinese, potbelly sandwiches or a hot dog and fries. At home it could be pizza or a salad. But overall I am sure the makeup of those foods is not what I should be eating nor does it have the full balance of nutrients I need.

I have never learned to cook because I never have time. I am always running around busy and working 8-10 hour days. I am lucky on weekends if I can vacuume the appartment, go to the grocery store, take out the trash and do the laundry and dishes. And that is only because I don’t have to work or be anywhere else. If I do have to work on the weekend and there is a family thing like there was last weekend and I don’t have a free day, everything sits 2 weeks.

So how do we busy urban people get better food that is better for us? I am not sure yet but as I find out I will post more.


4 thoughts on “What we eat and How we eat

  1. I’m not sure how much diet plays a role in my life since I’ve never stuck to one long enough to notice a trend. For a while, I was living off of Taco Bell and a local ribs joint.

    Trader Joe’s makes microwaveable frozen foods that are pretty decent. Not sure where they rate in the amount of preservatives spectrum.

    For lunch, you could try a local deli for fresher ingredients or a cafeteria. (There’s a mart in the Wrigley Building behind the McDonald’s that has a sandwich and soup shop; and there’s a cafeteria at the bottom of 401 N Michigan.)

  2. I did go to Trader Joes yesterday and found out that they had some affordable organic foods and some healthier alternatives in the frozen foods isle. It seemed like they didnt have a ton of ingredients with chemical type names that you can’t pronounce. Mostly just the food that was in it.

  3. The results of tasting all those new foods seem to be this:

    The greek olive pizza was good.
    The cranberry scones were good.
    The granola bars were good.
    The 100% cranberry juice was good.
    The fried rice with vegetables was good.

    The sheperd’s pie was not that great, something about the meat tasted weird.

    5 out of 6 isn’t bad.

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