My New Favorite TV Show: Wired Science on PBS

I was home for once last night and ran across the new PBS show WIRED Science on channel 11 in Chicago. I liked it a lot. The presenters seem a little young and a little rushed but otherwise its really very informative and entertaining at the same time. Its the kind of gig I would like as a TV presenter if you could choose your dream job. (if TopGear hosting wasn’t available in the  dream job drop down menu) They were featuring several places that were in the magazine in past months. My subscription ran out and I didn’t renew it because I rarely have time to read, so it is great that a TV show has popped up instead. Just in time. They went to a meteorite searching guy’s field and dug up a real meteorite (rather than a meteorong, say that out loud…) There was also a very very cool guy growing genetic replica organs in a lab and using actual HP printer cartridges to print them out with cells. (I am so not kidding, do you know how F-ing amazing that is???? Both for the new organs and the HP printer cartridges) They also talked to a theoretical physicist and went into a deep tunnel to see how neutrinos are studied. I am still not sure what a neutrino is, because my cat was meowing the whole time and I was trying to reason with him. Don’t ever try to reason with a cat, they always win. Anyway, I do know what the Neutrino Project is. It’s a live improv show about making an movie by put on by Fuzzy Gerdes and the cast. They film edit and show a real movie in every show. Maybe Wired Science should cover that too? Anyway the show is on Wednesday nights on Chanel 11 PBS in Chicago at 8pm cst.


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