Spocking Spock – Tag Search

Searching is something we do ll the time, and according to new research, people are evry frustrated with. They come away from the computer with not enough information or no information about what they really wanted because SEO spammers and paid link buyers have gamed Google’s system so much and filled up the search results with spam and crap sites that don’t help anyone because they are just paid link ads they they want you to click. It’s even worse if you are not an experienced searcher. People want the search engine to know what they mean and what they want. And it is hard for an algorithm to do that with link popularity.

That is why the guys that built Spock search have tried a totally new way of searching. Not by keyword and not by link popularity. It’s by tag. Tags are specifically added to tell search engines about the content and what it is related to so that Spock can give you good results. Their interface is also very visual with the results which is cool when people are so visually oriented today too. People also really don’t read much, they really just skim information so pictures help you find things really quickly.

One search I can do to demonstrate this is for Eddie Izzard. He is a British comedian who is now doing a US TV show on FX called the Riches. He has been famous in Europe and the UK for years for his widley sold out and DVD bought standup comedy (improvised sometimes) shows and now he is gaining popularity here in the US too. So I can so a people search type search on Spock’s search engine and this is what I get: http://www.spock.com/q/eddie-izzard Its is a recent picture from Live 8 and a lot of other good information.

Check it out. Spock just might be the new Google.


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