Remote Access

I am not the most technically inclined but when something can help me find information faster or get work done faster I am interested. Remote Access is something I had not considered before for my computer but now that I am working from home and work alternately it seems that I forget things on either computer that I need when I am at the alternate one. This is a bit silly when you can get access to any conputer remotley now through a service called remote PC. I had not thought about it before but it could be very useful if you travel for business or have more than one place where you work and if you don’t take the same computer with you everywhere you go. I have a laptop at home a desktop at work and my work gives me a loaner when I travel also. So between the three there could be a lot of file sharing. But I haven’t signed up just yet. It costs about 5 bucks a month, so I would need to know I am going to travel a lot before signing up. But I think that there is a good idea here, and I think more people are going to want to access their PCs from anywhere via the web just like they access web sites from anywhere. It is definitely going this direction.

This post has been sponsored by Remote PC


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