The new Martha Stewart Blog

It looks like Martha Stewart has really taken to blogging lately. First Martha got a MySpace page and updates it regularly. Then she got a Facebook page and is pretty into that too. Now Martha Stewart has a new standalone blog also which means that there are 3 blogs to update every week or few days. She seems to either have someone with her at all times to document what she does or she is pretty handy with a digital camera and a blogging platform. She seems to have pictures of all her weekends and trips and likes to hear from people about the new things she posts. I hope she reads the comments once in a while if someone else is posting all this for her. But all in all, blogging to the public in a conversational style is a good skill for CEO’s and executives to have. People want to know that these big deal people are real too and have real voices. They are more apt to think positively of them if they have a blog or site like this because it makes them more human and distracts people from the ugly things they have to do and say yes to in the name of profits. So will you be Martha’s MySpace or Facebook friend?


One thought on “The new Martha Stewart Blog

  1. I really enjoy the Martha Stewart show but I wish she would learn how to speak. Too many “and ah” and “ah” and pretty soon, that’s all I hear.
    It really makes her sound so uneducated. I wish she would take the time to watch her own show to see how bad she is.

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