Hillary Clinton and Cosmetic Surgery

Ok, no one was going to ask this question about the political race for President in 2008 so I will.

Can Hillary Clinton win and be president without another face lift or her teeth veneers replaced?

You think I am joking???

I was looking on the debates and online and the pictures of her and she looks the way she looked right after Bill left office. She was wrinkling up a lot and she had a face lift (I am guessing)  and it all smoothed out again before she was running for senate. (but no one mentioned it) Now she has a lot of wrinkles again and there was a picture of her on Drudge that looked like her teeth veneers were not looking too good either. Apparently cosmetic surgery doesn’t have the shelf life that we think? or is it really about who you choose to do the surgery? Botox is a lesser invasive process but in Hillary’s case freezing up your face reduces expressions and that would be bad for a politician.

I am not to the age yet where this is a concern (nor am I on TV) but if I was in the media like Hillary and had wrinkles like that I would consider a month vacation to work this out. I would look for a board certified surgeon and a top rated clinic that has people available as references that you can personally talk to. A good question for Hillary and everyone else to aks is how long will the effects of this surgery last? How long will it take to heal? What are the side effects and risks of this procedure. And if it checks out where the reward outweighs the risk, and you can afford it, go for it.

In a role like hers, Hillary has to be seen in the media every day. How she looks determines how people percieve her, and unlike men, women don’t look smarter and more distinguished with wrinkles. I think she would be doing even better in the polls if she had gotten another face lift before all the campaigning started. And it’s ok to admit it. People will be ok with her getting plastic surgery because they benefit from it too. They have to look at her every day and will appreciate the difference. The american public accepts these procedures now and they are very common. It’s not looking awful for Hillary yet, but it’s not what it was once either. No one wants to age, and no one thinks it’s fun, but sometimes it pays to get some work done to turn back the clock when you are in the media’s focus 24/7. It’s a superficial business to be in, but politicians accept that when they decide to jump in the race.


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