Housing Slump

I am getting more and more scared of this housing slump. Don’t get me wrong, I am in my place to stay and have not entertained any thoughts of moving to a more appropriate living space since this all started this summer and I will be in my current condo until it is most likely paid off. In fact I am trying to get to the point where I can double my payments to save a boat load of mortgage interest by paying it off early. 

This mortgage blog that says they have free mortgage quotes has news and articles about the housing bust and has a tough love view of the market. They say it is good that people are loosing homes that are not in a position to pay them off or make payments and that this is a natural adjustment process in the economy. I don’t agree with that.

I think that the Realtors and banks should have to deal with the penalty of not making as much money now that they pushed the boundaries so far and offering fixed rate refinancing to people who can’t afford these balloon payments is a good thing for the economy and helps them learn their lesson, because they created this problem. You cant plaster every surface with ads and run TV commercials 24/7 on every home makeover show there is and say it’s the consumer’s fault.

The Realtors, banking, finance and housing guys pushed too hard and got people to sign on to bad lending deals that are impossible for anyone to pay. And they thought they would get away with it? That it’s ok? They should be responsible for cleaning up the mess. It’s their problem.


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