Teaching my mom how to use the internet

This process is a slow one. I had forgotten how foregin the internet can be to someone who is never online. I had fogotten what the process is like since we  went thorugh this with my dad about 5 years ago and he has been doing stuff online pretty freely since. It’s just a different logic system than the way things are in the offline world. You have to understand some basics about the computer, some basics about a browser, some basic understanding of how the computer gets connected or is connected to the internet and how the sites you want to find are set up. You get a bonus if you have some knowledge of how to use google. It is a weekly thing now that I help her go find her way to check her email address and look up some places she has to go during the week on Mapquest. This takes between 1 and 2 hours. Depending on how much is in the email box and how many places we have to look up on mapquest. The other thing that hasn’t translated yet is to just have information that lives on the computer alone. She prints out every email and every newsletter she gets from her garden clubs and from relatives. It’s not secure if it’s on the computer and then she can’t get to it during the week when I’m not there to give her instructions when she gets stuck. I hope within a month or 2 she can log on and get her email or directions herself, since I think she will be proud of that and it will help her get the information she needs whenever she needs it rather than waiting for me or my brother to come over to help.


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