TopGear Season 10 episode 3 review

smallest car ever built, clarkson, jeremy, topgear, tall, small, car, peel p50This week’s top gear was even funnier than the last 2. I Know they are really all about serious cars sometimes and we do appreciate that. We learn things about cars we will never own, and it’s entertaining. Then we get to see Richard almost not park a car and Jeremy shoehorn himself into the smallest car ever built. These are the endearing parts of the show and keep us laughing with the ridiculousness of what they try and pull off. Here are some of the funniest moments from this week:

1. James describes all the things you can do with aTampon.

2. Richard tries to park a Lexus with the automatic park assist feature and lands it in the wall.

3. Jeremy drives the smallest car ever to work and then through the BBC. Its pure comedy.

There was also a segment about the one millionth lamborghini that no one will own with another name I forget because there are so many these days. They also review the Ferrari 599 which apparently isn’t a daily driver and isn’t spectacular enough to be a weekender either. I think the styling is a little reserved and doesn’t look the part. Something is out of balance about it, like the guy who designed the front end wasn’t the guy who designed the back end. They don’t match. James also drives a Rolls Royce convertible in a very cool elegant segment with some very nice views of the car against a beautiful dusk sky and city.

Till next week, we will be driving with the sport option turned on. (in the saab)


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