Wall decorations and accents

I was at a friend’s house the other day and they haven’t really decorated yet and I was thinking that it was probably hard to find good things to decorate with if you don’t want to just put up lots of family photos. And my parent’s hosue is an example of this, with old paintings from the 60’s and a metal brass bird thing on one wall partially obscured by the new flat screen hdtv. We just update things that break apparently, not the decor. Anyway I found this site with all kinds of wall decorations that are a good option rather than nothing at all. But it’s always good to see some in person first, measure the space and map out the size of the wall hanging with postits or something so you have an idea of where it will be and what it will look liek first and stay within your budget. My 2 favorite types of wall hanging type decor are mirrors and clocks. Both are functional and nice to look at. Mirrors open up a room and reflect a lot of natural light. Clocks are stylish depending on what you choose them to match and they help you stay on time. Never a bad thing. Check the one out at left. I love retro styles and this is a great kitchen clock. It’s really cute and of course functional.


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