Carbon Neutral Search Engine

If you are like me you like all kinds of new green products that are coming on the market these days and reducing the carbon footprint we all have in life. Organics help us and the earth, squiggley bulbs help save a ton of energy and Al Gore nobel prize winning dude’s movie The inconvienient truth showed us that we all have choices we make every day that impact the planet and we can make small changes that have a big impact over the world as a whole. I think more people are accepting that Global Warming is happening in their lives and making changes now. One new cool site I found out about is the Carbon Neutral Search Engine. I think that using online search and computers in general over mountains of paper is better already, and when a search engine offsetts its carbon production from things like electricity and travel it’s even better. (how can the companies we all work for be more green too?) I think that the process is that they fund green projects by buying carbon credits and those green energy processes offsett their regular energy use. Its just a greener way to search. Check out their blog for more detailed information!


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