Oprah Winfrey’s School for Girls Has an Abuse Scandal?

What is going on here? Despite being a project that was set up and funded entirely to help, teach and be a safe place for these girls to learn and grow up, there have been reports of physical, emotional and sexual abuse by some of the staff and teachers at Oprah Winfrey’s School for Girls in Africa. This is dissapointing that there are some people who still think those behaviors are acceptable in this world, and it is even more sad that no one was there that knew better and had the power to stop it.  I hate when high powered people get all the acclaim for a project and then they walk away as soon as the cameras are off and they let someone else run it and don’t have any involvement day to day. I think that this proves that any project you put your name on you have to be personally involved with to manage. It’s impossible to guarantee that things will go according to your standards otherwise. This is just more reason for building a school to help kids here in Chicago next time. Staff and Teachers here would be more visible by the public and in the media and it could ensure greater transparency in the education process and deter this kind of thing from happening. Because apparently screening processes were not able to weed out staff and teachers that have done this kind of abhorrent behavior before. All these girls wanted was a safe place to learn and to get their lives on a better track to succeed. Now they have even more to deal with. It is just so sad.


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