New Hospitality Marketing Trend

I walk to work here in Chicago and have noticed that there are more small boutique hotels popping up around downtown all the time. I have also been reading about the hospitality industry changing it’s strategy from big brands that offer exactly the same boring box rooms in every city to individually styled local flavor boutique hotels that are smaller and more intimate. They like this because they get to charge more money for this unique and higher class service. (take this Montreal Boutique Hotel for example) Some of these boutique hotels are also owned by the large hospitality conglomerates. I would compare it to people stopping shopping at department stores that have predictable offerings that are all kind of lackluster and the same like Sears and Macys in favor of specialty stores like pottery barn and crate and barrel who specialize in housewares and furniture only and have a lot more variety. In a world that bases growth on worldwide standarization of work roles and manufacturing processes this tells us that people like individuality. They like different things in different cities, and that local businesses should have an advantage against the huge global brands.


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