Review of Sidestep for traveling

I first heard about for traveling about 3 years ago. Someone in my office was using it to find travel deals on flights they had to make for work. The company did not have a policy about using a travel agency so it was up to each person to find their own flights and book them on their own. I still do this, since you never know if there will be a flight when and where you want it if someone else is booking. I am also really picky about which airlines and which airports I use. I have traveled enough to know some are crappy and so frustrating it’s not worth saving 20 bucks. So, I am looking at Sidestep again today and see that round trip flights for a week in Hawaii from ORD are $879.00.  (yes, we have a client in Hawaii, and some extra time there with Maui outdoor activities would be fun)   The site takes a long time to load the search results because it is pinging for data at so many other sites. After that I get a long list of airfares from all kinds of airlines. You get to purchase direct from the airline and Sidestep earns a commission for the sale. It pretty much condenses your search and really works for finding new airfares you don’t see listed elsewhere. So now about Hawaii…


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