Super Bowl Sunday 2008 Almost Sold Out

I’m not sure why the 2008 super bowl ads are almost sold out in October when the game isn’t till February but maybe the holidays inbetween now and then have something to do with it. If you are one of the people who is buying one of these very very expensive FOX $2.7 million dollar 30 second ad spots here are some tips:

1. First consider is it really relevant to advertise in the super bowl? Is there a need for your product in February? Is there a relevance to families, football and/or men? These are the core demographics. If it’s not a match, skip it no matter how badly you want the publicity. 

2. Make em laugh. Funny ads have staying power both at the watercooler the next day and for months afterwards. If people relate to the humor in the situation its even better.

3. Use something new. Don’t run some old ad we have seen a million times already. New creative or no creative is the way to go.

4. Don’t bother with celebrities. Unless its particularly relevant to your product. And I don’t ever really think it is. They raise costs dramatically and don’t really raise the appeal of what a super bowl watcher is looking for.

5. Remember to support this really expensive placement so it is not instantly forgotten before consumers get out their pocketbook. Support the super bowl ad with a well diversified campaign offline, online and everywhere else. This means everything from TV commericals for weeks afterwards, search ads, social networking if possible, blogs if possible,  a microsite or at least a mention of the ad on your home page and make it available to view online, print ads if you still do that, emails linking to microsite and coordinating online display ads too.

6. You can make spending this much money on an ad a publicity event in and of itself. It is cheezy though and people don’t really care unless they are benefitting from it. A press release can be ok, and reveal some hints about why the ad will be appealing, but leave the big reveal of the commercial for the actual game. But again this is totally stupid if your ads are not new, not edgy, not funny and not successful. So, proceed with caution here.


4 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday 2008 Almost Sold Out

  1. Can’t agree with you on #2. Advertising is about being cute and creating buzz … it’s about selling a product.
    “Killer” creative rarely works.

    The potential advertisers should ask themselves these questions:

    1. Do I want to spend $2.7 million just so some joker at the water cooler on Monday morning can ask: “Hey, Dude – did you see the Super Bowl ads yesterday?

    2. Did I buy anything based on the Super Bowl ads last year?

    3. Do I even remember the Super Bowl ads from last year?

    Buzz without biz is just noise.

  2. You have a very narrow minded approach to advertising and apparently have never placed any ads in the super bowl before.

    Being funny is not the same as being cute or getting buzz. It is a combination of positioning the product in a relevant way that solves the consumer’s problem or need AND doing this in a funny and relatable way for your core demographic wins. If not, you loose a lot of money.

    I think good business execution is a given in this situation. If you don’t have that you won’t have $2.7 million for even thinking about doing this.

    And yes millions of people buy things because of the super bowl every year and people only remember the funny ads.

  3. Do you have a list of the advertisers for the 2008 superbowl? I’ve been online trying to find this info out but it doesn’t seem to be published.

  4. I says here that Doritos and have bought spots. It is right before some of the primary voting for president this time so some presidential hopefuls are bound to be in the mix too.

    I would guess Ford, Honda and Toyota will be there also. Budweiser, Pepsi, Coca Cola and CB are also regulars although they haven’t confirmed anything yet.

    The big categories seem to be:
    snack food
    beer & soft drinks
    web companies
    presidential candidates (anticipated this year)

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