Kids and allowances have evolved to PayJr?

When I was a kid I didn’t get an allowance. I just had to do what my parents wanted me to, regardless of whether there was money in it for me or not. (there usually was not any incentive except to not get in trouble) I know though that in the 1980s a lot of kids did get allowances and the amount varied more by how much money your parents made than by the chores you did around the house. Now I think paying kids allowances is even more mainstream than it was then. And apparently there are consumer products built around it that I was not aware of. Apparently parents no longer give a kid cash, they give them these rechargeable credit card type cash cards good at certain stores. I guess the point is that you know your kid can go out and buy video games with it but not use cash pay for drugs or something. This new payJr company lets you select how much to pay your kid per chore and reimburse the card in savings and in cash that can be used at Target or other retailers. This is all still just a little foregin to me. I can’t figure out why kids would ever do anything just because it was the “right” thing to do if there was no money in it for them?


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