Trucking is a big business

I think because I work in a big corporate building downtown I sometimes forget that this country is huge and there are a lot of businesses not in the online information site building and marketing industry. Trucking is one that I am reminded of every time I drive out on 294 or I-55 in Chicagoland. The number of trucks going from distribution warehouses out in the Aurora-Joliet area to all over the country is immense. The distribution of all the things we buy, eat and use every day is done with Trucks. Without them (or oil) we would not have supplies or anything we could live on for very long. (much like if we suddenly couldn’t import anything from China) So you wonder about this business and how it runs even though it is nothing like any business I know.

I started wondering about some of the elements of the business. Like do you still manage inventory with computers even though nothing is really “online”? Do you have to buy new trailers and trucks every year or are used trailers ok? How much growth is in this industry with shipping consumer goods all over the country and how much is for industry anymore? My dad was working at a truking company for a while when he was out of his engineering job about 10 years ago. It is interesting to hear stories about it because it is so offline and the people who work there are too.


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