Fun Holiday Personality Test Quiz Game – Emo Emo Time

Hah, the holidays are here again, and here come the fun site games and quizzes to match! Maybe you’re Emo about the whole thing? (Emo means emotional for those of us over 30) How about the How Emo am I Test? I know I am more emo this time of year. It’s just frustrating that on top of all your other daily responsibilities with emo test quiz rocketwork and home and sometimes your friends expectations, you have to go be cheery at all these company parties and make like you have it all under control. You have to fake it that all the shopping done, money for all this crap isn’t an issue and that you love spending your evenings and weekends with your coworkers and boss socializing. Sure! It’s great! I’m EMO already!


5 thoughts on “Fun Holiday Personality Test Quiz Game – Emo Emo Time

  1. so u wanna be emo just hate yourself hate your life write sad poetry and suicide notes listen to emo bands like my chemical romance exc.. If you don’t have enough pain in your life do some form of self destruction like cutting yourself get everything from hottopic and get a myspace in which you are alvays taking your emo pics to post!

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