Google gives directions at the Gas Pump

google map gas pump editionIn the News today said that Google is partnering with a gas pump manufacturer to provide screens in the pumps that you can get driving directions on while your car is pumping gas. I think this is a good idea since I drive around lost a lot and a directions kiosk would be very helpful. Making the gas pump a kiosk for directions is a natural related function and I think drivers will like it. As for right now they say there will not be any ads on the maps that could generate revenue and it also doesn’t look like you can print them either, so you will either have to keep a pen and paper handy in your car or have a really good memory. (of which I don’t) I think too that this will get Google into exposure with that last 20% of people who don’t go on the internet. They will get more brand exposure with them and hopefully they will trust Google as a brand even if they aren’t online searchers. This will help when Google gets into more offline products in the future. (they have to if they want to continue their growth)


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