Public Bathrooms

I am a bit peeved with the bathrooms here at work. They are always awful and never clean. They have someone come in and clean but they really don’t clean. The faucets are always grimy, the doors are all grey with dirt and the whole thing smells. I wonder if it has always been this way? Is it just permanent? Or would a bottle of clorox fix the problem? Besides that there are some things like tile falling off and broken faucets that really need to be fixed.

I wonder how perfectly businesslike individuals can go into a bathroom and pee on the seat, on the floor and leave a puddle of mess around the broken sink faucet? I wash my hands and don’t touch anything on my way out and open the door with my elbow.

Seriously for what this building must cost in rent, the least they could do is put in some new Price Pfister faucets (they are seriously not that expansive), patch the tile and clean the bathroom from top to bottom once a month. Is that too much to ask?


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