Going Back to School?

My media planner is going to get his MBA now so we have been chatting about how it is going. It’s hard because he has to balance his full time job, wife and daughter with getting this MBA degree. Somehow he makes it all work. I always thought I would go back for some kind of additional degree, but every time I enroll in something it’s like a tug of war between work life and the demands of school so I just do one class and then stop. I can’t get that groove back that I ahd with studying and reding a lot. Although I am much faster a writing my ideas out. Blogging has certainly helped with that. Some people are even trying this online education thing, in an attempt to save some time not actually commuting to where the classes are and working at their own pace. I am not sure that would work for me, I get a lot out of the professor’s discussions and the classmates. An automated thing online would not be as engaging and I would be less likley to finish it. But that is just me.


2 thoughts on “Going Back to School?

  1. I was lucky in being able to move back in with my parents and work slightly less than full-time (30 hours) while in grad school. Not an option for everyone, but it definitely would have taken me longer otherwise, so I’m glad I had it.

    For my program, about half the classes were distance/online and half were live. That was a great compromise.

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