Proposed Cook County Phone Tax

I heard about a $4.00 proposed cook county phone service tax last week and I am a bit pissed off about this. I looked at my bill and on a $19.00 phone plan with $14.00 Internet service I already have $12.00 in taxes and regulatory charges and surcharges. That is a combined tax rate of 36% and with the additional new Cook county tax it will be as high as 48%. That is almost a tax rate pf 50%. That is insane, where are we living in now Europe? I can’t believe all the taxes and fees that Cook County and the City of Chicago are passing. This Todd Stroger guy (who inherited the seat from his dad and isn’t at all qualified for the job) is awful and doesn’t give a rats ass about the people who pay these bills. Here is a list of proposed tax increases and fee increases approved by the city, county and state lately. (not all have finalized yet)

Increase in Com Ed Electricity rated by 22% in Jan 07

Com Ed is asking to raise them again 22% this year (just because they can?)

Cook County Sales Tax proposed to go from 9.5% to 11% (that is 16% more)

$4.00 proposed phone tax for land lines in addition to the 36% in taxes we already pay on this bill. Also more taxes included in this proposal for gas and electricity. With the $4 dollars added the tax rate jumps to 48%.

CTA costs only covered through 12/31/07 after that the cost of a monthly pass goes from $71.00 to $84.00 (18%) thanks to a lack of state, county and city funding during this time when all the tax rates are going up.

And they want to raise cook county property taxes AGAIN, after they have raised them every year for the 6 years I have lived there. (I currently pay 2.04% of the value of my place every year property in taxes it is double what most of the suburbs pay for their property taxes)

I don’t recommend living or shopping in Cook County.


4 thoughts on “Proposed Cook County Phone Tax

  1. I spent 10 years of my (youthful) life in Cook County.
    (1953-1963). It always was Taxpayers’ Hell on Earth.
    So, when I read something like this, I can only think: What else is new.

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