Short Week for Thanksgiving

A lot of people are out of the office this week and everyone who is here is in jeans and casual clothes. Everyone is on the phone with family trying to coordinate arrivals and departures already. And Michigan Avenue is lit up like it’s Christmas already beneath the layer of fog that has just rolled in. I like 3 day work weeks and I hope that I can get some stuff done and off my plate while everyone else is out holidaying. I like quiet times like this in the office. The phone isn’t ringing off the hook, the work actually can get done and you have some time to ponder where your work is going. Plus th girl who mumbles on the phone for 3 hours every afternoon is out so you can actually think. I wish for a workspace without annoying coworkers this Christmas. No one who taps, clanks, throws things or whines in a super annoying voice. And I wish that the 6- month- coughing- sick-girl who mumbles and murmurs inaudibly on the phone to friends family and who ever will listen to her gossip can please get another job. Soon.


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