Danactive Yogurt Drink from Dannon Really Works

danactive, yogurt, health, immunity, systemLast year at this time I was sick constantly. I think the combination of everyone in this office having too much to do, not enough sleep and riding public transportation every day is a ripe situation for illness to hit and spread. I had a cold/cough thing on Thanksgiving last year and was also pretty sick over Christmas. I was also sick around New Years and about once a month until around May. I know there are a lot of reasons one can get sick, but it was really common here in this office last year and it has started again.

But this year I have been drinking danactive yougurt drinks from Dannon every morning since October and I have also been drinking more water. I wasn’t too sure about these danactive things but the package said that 70% of your immunity/system comes from your digestive system. Woah! I didn’t know that. My digestive system is always pretty messed up. I won’t get into the details but it’s always been weird so I figured I’d be a good candidate for this. So I started taking it and I haven’t been really sick since. I still have allergies and I still have other health problems but no colds, flu, coughs or fevers even though the people around me all have them about once a week. I am not sure exactly how it works but I think they explain more about how it keeps bacteria and viruses from entering through your digestive system with these good- bacteria. But that is a sketchy explanation at best.

It doesn’t help that nothing in this office is ever cleaned and and the air is re-circulated in a small area. I have to wash my hands as soon as I get here and after touching any doors or elevators. But I did that last year too. It’s just the danactive that is different this year. I am glad they made this product available I hope it helps more people stay healthy like it has helped me.

July 5th 2008 Update: Some lame-ass thinks this post is fake and somehow a paid ad for Danactive. I just wanted to say that it is not in any way an ad or paid for. I literally spent most of last year sick with a long list of minor illnesses that ranged from sore throats to colds to the flu. I was sick at least once a month and I missed a lot of work. This year I started taking vitamins, walking more, washing my hands a ton and drinking danactive. I think they all helped me stay much more well this year and I did not miss nearly as much work as I did last year. Why would that be so unbelievable that I would blog about feeling better? I blog about everything else. People should really think twice before making assumptions and inventing stories about people’s blogs who they don’t even know offline. You never know, someone might just call you a splog right back.


13 thoughts on “Danactive Yogurt Drink from Dannon Really Works

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  2. I completely agree. I have been drinking DanActive since it first came out. I am hooked. Now, bear in mind that no one is “immune” to anything but I have been FAR less sick than my husband (who refuses to drink the stuff, he thinks it tastes like soured milk). I take vitamins, drink a TON of water, practice good hand washing and I feel like I do not get as sick as some other people. Also, since my daughter turned 1, I give her one DanActive shot a day and she is just about the healthiest kid I’ve ever known. She still gets colds and fevers now and then but like I said, no one is immune. My biggest case in point here…. about a year ago, my hubby got a bad case of the stomach flu and although I am a clean freak and made sure I disinfected just about the entire house, my daughter and I did not fall ill to whatever it was that he had.

  3. I work in the medical field seeing patients in the home and need to be healthy as I can be they don’t need someone sick coming into their homes passing along viruses and germs. Prior to taking DanActive I had been sick on a regular basis colds flu sore throat etc etc prior This past year Nothing just normal Allergies …if its a Mental thing I’ll gladly keep paying the $$ for Danactive instead of to my Physician.. Lots Cheaper and less downtime.

  4. THIS PRODUCT WORKS MIRACLES. I’m proof positive. I’m one of those people who are sick almost the entire winter and so is my daughter. I even had a pantry of medicines; cold remedies, vicks vapor rub, vaporizers, etc. I even won an award as a child for using the most kleenex, which I wasn’t proud of.

    One day I seen DanActive on the grocery shelf and it indicated that it supports immunity. So, I decided to begin using it for a month to see if it worked. I noticed I wasn’t picking up any illness, so I continued its use. It has been two years and I’ve been exposed to people who have been very sick and I haven’t got the sickness. I’m in utter shock that I am finally the one who is well while others are sick. I am so grateful for this product and hopefully it will continue forever! This product has made my life so much more healthier. I highly recommend taking one DanActive every other day and watch the results. I can’t say enough about this product because it is life changing to finally feel well in the winter months.

  5. My significant other & I have been drinking DanActive for 1.5 yrs. Since that time we have not gotten any colds, flu, sick etc. My s.o. travels quite a bit & was always bringing home colds from his trips. Now that we take DanActive, nothing. Great feeling!!! I’m a RD and recommend it to all my pts.

  6. I really like the vanilla flavor. I drink one when I get up (sometimes 2) and may have 1 or 2 more during the day. My question is: Is it bad to drink too much?

  7. i have been drinking dannon immunity drink for 2 years and i love the taste and also love that it really boost the immune system not saying you would never get a cold but it is cut down tremendously …….only one draw back……once your body get use to you feeding it and you go a few days up to a week or two without it ……seems your body does a 360 and you be sick as all get out and your immune systom seem to crash so i suggest if you start this drink then continue to drink it!!

  8. I see this is an older blog, but have to put in my 2 cents as well. My husband and I started drinking this almost 3 yrs. ago now, and we too have not missed work (or fun things!) since then due to coughs, colds, flu, fevers, sore throats, etc. It REALLY DOES WORK. As someone above said, if it’s all in our heads, we’d still rather pay a few $$ to the store and not $$$$$ to the dr.! Since I’m on a “Dannon” roll, if you have problems with irregular digestive system, try Activia. It too really works. Mom got me hooked on it, and I’ve gotten 5-6 other folks to try it, and it works for all of us.

  9. For 52 yrs of my life I had constent UTI infections. I even was told by a urologist I have cronic Interstitial Cystitis. I started drinking DanActive drink every day for almost a year now. I have had no signs of any problems since then. The issue I am having is finding enough stores that carry this product. I had one store tell me they don’t carry it anymore due to lack of interest. I wish there was a way to tell all the woman that suffer with cronic UTI’s/Bladder infections that this really does work. I was so skeptical when a nurse told me to try it, but it has truly saved my life. Over the holiday’s I had a few missed days & I could definitely feel the difference. Thank you Dannon

  10. I’m having trouble finding strawberry or strawberry/banana danactive in walmart or price chopper in the Cortland Ithaca N.Y. area is there a reason? I found it in Tops but it was only a four pack I usually buy it in an eight pack because I drink it every day.

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