Most Offensive Wedding Gift Ever – An Apron

aprons, 50's, style, sexist, worst, wedding gift, everWith all that has happened in the last 100 years in women’s suffrage and our battle for equality of the sexes,  I am surprised and a bit offended that this company thinks that a 1950’s style apron is the perfect wedding shower gift. Who thinks that? Getting a blender that both you and your husband can use to make smoothies from twice is at least equal. An apron says: Hey you, woman, go make dinner! Grunt grunt…

Haven’t we fought hard against female stereotypes and the opportunity to be self sufficient, smart and hold an equal career and home responsibilities with a man? How can these aprons possibly be appropriate when they plunge us right back at the turn of the last century? A girly apron like this is only worn by a woman, never a man. Why not get a more functional William’s Sonoma Gender Neutral Apron that both he and she can wear depending on who is doing the messier cooking? Why say: Hello, I am not good for anything but cooking or cleaning, don’t ask me to think… with one of these career limiting sexist aprons?

Eww. All I have to say is if I ever get married, don’t get me one of these. Please, I would rather have a blender.


One thought on “Most Offensive Wedding Gift Ever – An Apron

  1. Random i know, but i just fell upon your blog. 1) A blender is a great gift, everyone can use it so here here! and 2) The only acceptable apron that can ever be given is only if it says ‘kiss the cook’. But maybe thats just me.

    Have a good one!

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