Late Earth Day Suggestions and Tips to Save Energy

I have been busy beyond belief with work latley and not able to really blog at all. I did want to make this quick exception to blog belatedley about Earth Day since I think this is an important topic that everyone should be taking action on and looking to find out how they can reduce consumption of energy overall.

I am happy to see that Al Gore has made earth day popular again and that it is now cool to do the right thing and save energy and scale back consumption. We are looking at oil at $117.00 a barrel or more now and gas can’t be far from $4.00 or $5.00 per gallon soon.

Some of my favorite ways to save energy (electricity and gas) are to:

1. Turn off my computer at work at night and turn off my home computer when not in use. Guess what? It’s also good that hackers and viruses aren’t allowed to access them when they are off either.
2. Coast while driving. Automatic cars are less fuel efficient because we always have our foot on the gas. Take a cue from the old manual transmissions and just coast sometimes and save some gas.
3. Do dishes when the dishwasher is really full (good for us lazy people too) and then turn off the plate warmer dryer option. Let them air dry instead.
4. The energy saving flourescent bulbs that I call squiggley bulbs are great. Don’t worry about the mercury thing, just be very careful not to breathe around a broken bulb if that happens.
5. Recycle – Duh! Cans, Bottles and plastics are finally now accepted for recycling where I live. I also end up re-using the cute shopping bags you get at stores for carrying things to work or for lunch. And I save up the plastic walgreens, target and jewel grocery bags and turn them in to recycle at Jewel.

These were also some good suggestions I saw online yesterday:

How to save fifty cents a gallon on gas 

50 ways to help save the planet for earth day and every day

MidWest Renewable Energy Association

Green tips for the office from Google  

All in all, there is a lot we can do to save energy and conserve it too. As well as reduce consumption overall.

Happy Earth Day!


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