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Some stats about the author of this blog:

I have been a blogger on various platforms since June 2002.

I can’t imagine how people did anything before the Internet.

I reside in the lovely metropolis of Chicago, IL.

I love gadgets & I believe in technology.

My degree & studies were in Education & Psychology.

I appreciate a sharp witty sense of humor.

I consume media at an alarming rate.

I believe that persistence is worth more than any amount of talent.

I keep my name off this blog to keep my online and offline lives separate but if you leave me a comment with an email address I am happy to reply to you personally if you are looking to contact me about web analysis or my TopGear fascination.

The content on The Protagonist is mostly my opinion about things I encounter in my daily life (marketing, websites, products, services, work) and my worship of  TopGearUK/TopGearUSA and a few other entertainment options. Is there anything else worth blogging about really?

My comment policy is to screen all comments in order to delete comments that are spam or are inappropriately rude, obscene or personal attacks. Please keep it clean and civil, in fact the vast majority of comments are both civil and interesting.


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