American Gangster Film – Denzel Washington – Oscar Contender?

Everyone was in a buzz about the film American Gangster back in July and it wasn’t even ready for release yet. Now it is open this weekend with Russel Crowe and everyone is saying that it is a well done film that is worth watching and could go to the Oscars. I am always excited about breakout films and good quality entertainment in general because there is not enough of that out there these days. Anyway here is the trailer, I think I would see it if I had the time to go to the movies. Maybe next weekend.

Bolingbrook, IL Red Light Speed Cameras – Tickets

I just found out that there is a town in the Chicago suburbs (Bolingbrook, IL) that is ticketing people via camera for running red lights when they just don’t stop completely behind the white line at intersections or don’t stop completley behind the white line before making a right hand turn on a red light. You don’t know it’s happening and you just get a $100.00 ticket in the mail. This is ludicrous. Those types of things don’t endanger anyone and aren’t worth ticketing usually. It’s that these local towns have heard how much money that is made by these Bolingbrook red light cameras (between $20,000 and $30,000 dollars a month of $100.00 tickets) when they are approached by the camera companies (who want to make sales) and since they always need more revenue for their pet projects and their budget, they always say yes and install them. Then they get all the revenue benefit of a property tax or sales tax increase without the public debate of a tax referendum. Sneaky bastards!

Take action today and make sure your town doesn’t end up like Bolingbrook, IL.These high priced and ridiculous red light camera tickets are going to keep people from paying what they need to in order to meet mortgage payments and afford health-care. Bolingbrook government and police should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of good citizens like this. I am not going to spend any money there at all anymore. They don’t deserve my sales tax dollars. They are acting like mafia, just taking whatever money they want for reasons that would otherwise be considered an invasion of privacy.

Thanks to the comment from Dennis I found this Tribune article about a lawsuit regarding the cameras around Chicago. It cites the truth that we all knew that these cameras were installed by Red Speed for revenue reasons and not safety purposes and how Bolingbrook and Schaumburg have both shut them down. I live near Warrenville though, and they choose to leave theirs up, which is scary to drive through every day, but they also publicly state that they review all photos by hand and only write tickets if they see something illegal and they don’t just let the system automatically write tickets. Those seem more reasonable.

And for all the politicians that like to rally support around the idea of keeping people from running red lights: Who ever runs red lights? If this is a problem how come I have never seen it happen? If this was an issue, the people who live there would be asking for help controlling it, but nobody ever sees red lights run because it doesn’t happen, and in fact there is no red light running problem at all. It is just a thinly veiled excuse to tax people without their approval by vote or referendum by dishonest politicians. Bravo to the Trib or printing this.